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The Best Boring Book Ever of Tableau for Healthcare (Third Edition)

Tableau for HealthcareThe Best Boring Book Ever ™ of Tableau for Healthcare is the first and only one of its kind. Designed specifically for healthcare professionals by the healthcare, data-visualization, and report-design experts at HealthDataViz, this book introduces and details Tableau Desktop’s outstanding data-analysis and dashboard-creation features.

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If you have purchased the book, THANK YOU—we’re exceedingly grateful for your interest and support! Please follow this link to download the data used for each example in this book (or to download the first edition data), which will allow you to enjoy a fully immersive learning experience with real healthcare data.

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select-healthcare-classification-systemsDon’t stop now!

Also, check out our award-winning book, “The Best Boring Book Ever of Select Healthcare Classification Systems and Databases“. It’s a resource for both seasoned professionals in and newcomers to the healthcare industry, a resource that provides concise but thorough descriptions of select clinical classification systems and select healthcare databases (and a terrific companion to our Tableau for Healthcare book).

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