What We Do

HealthDataViz is a data visualization and health information communication firm specializing in transforming your data and information into compelling stories and your people into compelling storytellers.

What We Design, Build & Deliver

Reports & Dashboards
Websites & Applications
Data Modeling


Data Strategies

  • Identifying, defining and cataloguing your data and information
  • Researching and defining key performance metrics
  • Planning for report, dashboard and communication development, deployment and maintenance
  • Developing editorial guidelines to ensure the look, feel and branding are consistent

Visual Design

  • Designing and building reports & dashboards that make messages and opportunities clear
  • Producing innovative and thought provoking infographics
  • Designing and building websites
  • Creating professional presentations for speakers
  • Imagining and constructing interactive applications
  • Designing and delivering print media

Plain Language Communications

  • Creating documentation & specifications that people can understand and use
  • Translating medical evidence and statistical information into clear, understandable communications
  • Writing content that inspires stakeholders to take action

Usability & Accessibility Design & Testing

  • Performing research through interviews, focus groups, literature reviews & testing documents
  • Conducting usability testing to ensure compliance with regulations, such as Section 508 Laws
  • Performing usability testing with different groups, especially adults and patients with limited health and statistical literacy


  • Assessing staff’s data literacy, data visualization, presentation and communication literacy and knowledge
  • Developing and delivering public and customized training programs for data visualization best practices and select data visualization software applications.

Why We Do It

It’s really pretty simple…like you we want to make meaningful contributions to improving healthcare. We want to help make people’s lives better through accessible, clear and easily understood health communications of all types.

Why We’re Different

Our deep knowledge of and experience with healthcare, information technology and data analytics, and our skills at communication and data visualization enables us to work quickly and efficiently to design and deliver the right solutions to you.


We wrote the book on healthcare classification systems and data (seriously, we did) and we have been on the frontline of delivering healthcare for decades.  We understand what needs to be communicated, why it is important and how to make the message clear.